A Blank Canvas

I should have done this sooner.

I should introduce myself before I get too far ahead of myself. My name is Marta. I’m a college student living in Northwest Iowa, currently majoring in “I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.” (They call it “undeclared” to make it sound more professional.) I love drinking coffee, journaling, playing piano, and coiling cables.

I’m no stranger to the blogging world. For the past three years I could be found at dancesingrejoice.blogspot.com. It was a good run, me and blogspot, but the breakup was inevitable. Most of my views these days came from spammers, and my posts have turned more into pictures and quotes and less of my own thoughts.

One thing you’ll very quickly learn about me is that I’m very, very, very sentimental. I keep everything. If I have any kind of emotional tie to anything I have a very hard time letting it go. I’m also very particular. I am the pickiest person I know when it comes to journals. Each one represents a new chapter in my life. I can spend several hours in multiple stores picking out the perfect journal for my next chapter in life, and I need to wait until the right moment to start writing in it.

So . . . I don’t give things up very easy, and I’m very particular about turning points in my life. Maybe now you understand my struggle in starting a new blog. A friend of mine has been recommending wordpress to me for a long time, and I’ve considered starting fresh, but never could pull off the blogspot bandaid.

I should have switched sooner. Perhaps when I left for college. Perhaps at the start of 2014. Perhaps once my previous blog hit 200 posts, or on it’s 3 year anniversary. But perhaps March 3rd is just as good of day as any.

So here’s to a new start, a new chapter. I’m excited to think of everything I will learn in the next coming posts. I’m excited for painting my story on this blank canvas.

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