Who I am

I am Marta.

I am an imperfect person made perfect through the grace of God.

I am eight inches of hair lying on the beauty salon floor.

I am a cup of coffee in the Fridley Caribou in January 2012.

I am six young men and one young woman lining a stage in dark blue caps and gowns.

I am the 60 GB iPod Photo proudly holding every song I’ve ever owned.

I am the gray Nissan Maxima that has seen more of my tears than any human being.

I am used Kleenexes covering the floor in LaGrave Church during a prayer meeting at 7:00 am.

I am the creek that runs behind my grandparents’ house.

I am a necklace made of two nails, soldered together to form an Ichthys.

I am a thunderstorm in Holland, Michigan, demonstrating the Lord’s mighty power and unfailing love.

I am the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.

I am the nights spent in my kitchen with my dad teaching me how to box out.

I am dozens of letters I never had the courage to send.

I am May 8, 2009, the day I said my first swear word out loud.

I am the ninety-one episodes of Chuck.

I am skype calls from Minneapolis to Sioux Center, and then eventually Sioux Center to Johannesburg.

I am the half hour drive to CTV 15.

I am a job interview in Aaron Baart’s office.

I am the carpet squares in Trinity Reformed Church.

I am my favorite blue pen that takes notes in class, fills my journal, and makes notes in my Bible.

I am a forgiven sinner made whole through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I am Marta.

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