Very Superstitious

When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer . . . superstition ain’t the way.

A few days ago I was sitting at my desk, checking my newsfeeds, drinking coffee, and listening to some old CD’s my uncle made me for a Christmas present a few years ago. As I slurped away at my coffee, the song Superstition by Stevie Wonder came on. I got up and started to dance (quite awfully, but hey – my roommate was already at class) while cleaning the room a bit before heading off for home.

As I was cleaning, I picked up an article I had just read for my statistics class. The last paragraph of the article reads:

The evangelist, Billy Sunday is often quoted as having quipped, “When the Word of God says one thing and scholarship says another, scholarship can go to hell.” However, the situation is not that simple. Christians have always affirmed God’s consistency and the reliability of his revelation. Hence they insist that there can never be any ultimate contradictions between Scripture and the facts of nature. Nevertheless, we may misunderstand Scripture or misapply it. We can also err in data collection and analysis or in interpreting a statistical result; we may import philosophical assumptions such as naturalism into science. When conflicts arise, the key is humility toward both perspectives and a willingness to live with some issues unresolved.

As my eyes were reading that there are some things that we’re not going to get right and not going to understand, my ears were hearing “you’ll suffer . . . superstition ain’t the way.” So what is the truth, and how do I know?

Christianity, and religion in general, requires a crazy amount of faith. But then again . . . so does science. We know more about mathematics and science than any other generation. But that’s what the previous generation said. Even though science is seen to be something that is consistent, it always is changing. We misinterpret data. As it turns out, Earth isn’t the center of the universe; the sun is.

We make mistakes in religion too. I mean come on . . . have you heard the stories about the church in the late 1400’s? Apparently indulgences don’t get you into heaven. So, if science is making mistakes and religion is making mistakes, what in the world should I put my faith in?

As simple, cheesy, and crazy as it sounds, the answer is in fact Jesus. In my Biblical Foundations class we are learning about God’s covenant with the Israelites. And here’s the thing: God never breaks His covenant. Never. Ever. Ever. And we’re not just talking about way-back-when Bible times. Nope; God still hasn’t broken covenant. His promises still remain true.

My pastor once said in a sermon “I’ve spent my life studying the Word, and I know that God is always faithful, always true, and never changing. I have learned that my understanding of His word is not always true.

There are parts of God, His word, and His world that I don’t understand. There’s probably so much that I think I have right now that in a few years I’m going to think completely different about. But, I know that God is right. I believe in Him and I trust that He has the answers . . . even if I don’t understand them. I believe in things that I don’t understand, but contrary to what Stevie Wonder says . . . I’m not suffering.

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
All other ground is sinking sand

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