Blackberry Vanilla Tea

It was almost a year ago to this very day.

We were all incredibly stressed for very different reasons.

Some of us still were unsure about plans for the next few months. Some of us were going through breakups. Some of our family members were sick.

We all were tired. We all were weary. We all were hurt in some way, shape or form. But we all put on a mask. If you had asked anyone of us, we all would have said “I’m fine.”

But this day was different.

She asked us to stop working on our assignment and told us to come sit in a circle in the middle of the room. I know you all are going through a lot of different things, she said. So, we’re just going to take time to pray about it.

And we did.

We prayed for all of it. Before I knew it, tears started rolling down my eyes as I took off my mask and stopped being “fine.” I opened my eyes, expecting them to be judging me, but instead, I saw seven pairs of eyes looking at me lovingly as if they were saying It’s okay not to be okay right now.

I wiped my eyes and took three deep breaths. After the prayer was over we all looked around at each other wondering what to do next. My friend looked up and asked Do you guys want tea?  We looked at each other and smiled. Our teacher said That sounds like a really good idea.

Our class kept a box of tea and coffee to make during some of our classes. We pulled out the blackberry vanilla tea and each of us had at least one cup of it.

That day I felt more at peace than I ever have in my entire life. Jesus said Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest. That day I felt a peace that could only come from the Lord.

The other day, I had a cup of blackberry vanilla tea, and a warm feeling filled my heart. The taste on my tongue reminded me of the love I experienced that day. Last year I went through some of the hardest things I’ve been through, but I’m so thankful I had such a strong support system behind me. I had wonderful teachers, six amazing men of the Lord, and a God of peace all there for me.

This week I was stressed and overwhelmed, but with a simple thing like a cup of tea, I was reminded of the joy, peace, and strength that the Lord promises his people.



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