Story Worth Telling

Part of my job working for CTV North Suburbs included making a short video about anything I wanted. Instantly I knew I wanted to make a video about my high school’s star project. We started the project spring of 2013, and my teacher asked me if I would be willing to put together a short video so that we could get the word out about the project.

Through CTV I was able to combine my passion for making media with my passion for this project. I am blown away and so thankful by how receptive my audience has been to this short documentary. I never pictured entering it into competitions or anything like that. My goal for the video was simply to spread the word about the project and gain help for completing it.

I’m so thankful for people in my life like my supervisors at CTV and my teachers from high school that taught me that my story is important. Each star drawn through this project is a reminder to me that everyone has a story, and everyone can make a difference. May we never forget the injustices of the Holocaust, and may each of us go out and live a story worth telling.

Acceptance speech for Best of the Fest award in the
youth category for the Best of the Midwest Fest


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