Home is . . .

Home is . . .

A place in the garage, not a mad search for a spot in the parking lot

A laundry machine that doesn’t require quarters to start

The smell of popcorn (that isn’t burnt)

My puppy snuggling with me during a thunderstorm

A bookcase filled with books, and not just textbooks

Caribou Coffee, Target, and Chipotle

Watching movies with my sister

Having a kitchen filled with utensils and ingredients

Welcoming hugs from people at my church

Not needing to wear flip-flops in the bathroom

The paths that wind deep into the woods back behind my house

Roads with four lanes


A while back I wrote about how I had fallen in love with Sioux Center. I love that tiny little town so much, however, Minneapolis will always be home. I only get about two weeks at home before heading back to Dordt for my summer job. Two weeks is plenty for me, and I’m so excited for what this summer has in store. But . . . it is really, really, really good to be at home.


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