Important People

I wish I could go back in time to when I first met people and let myself know how important they’d become.

See that guy that subscribed to your youtube channel that says he’s excited for you to come to Dordt? You’ll make a horrible mess in his kitchen when you cook tacos with him.

You’ll be on the same praise team as the sound tech for praise and worship that you get along with it so well.

His sister is going to be on the praise team too. And she’ll live in your apartment. And she’ll also become one of the best friends you’ve ever had.

The blonde guitarist on your praise and worship team? You’re going to teach a digital media class with him . . . the very same digital media class you took when you came to Dordt Discovery Days in 2008.

His girlfriend . . . you know . . . the girl who walked around in moon boots and tried to get you to do theatre? She’ll sleep in the bunk underneath you in your apartment.

Oh, speaking of apartments – you know the first Southview room you went in? You’ll live in that exact room all summer.

You never know when these moments are coming. There’s no flashing sign above a stranger’s head saying “THIS PERSON WILL BE IMPORTANT.” And as much as I wish I could go back and just alert past self to how important these people are, I’m so glad that things happened the way they did. One year ago I didn’t know any of these people . . . and now I can’t imagine my life without them.

Thinking back to the first times I met some people makes me so happy and thankful for how God creates stories. I can’t wait to get to know people and meet more characters this summer as well as next semester. Who knows who I’ll be writing about this time next year!

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