I got a magazine in the mail today. It came in a package from my mom with many other things, so I assumed that she got it and didn’t want it. But, when I looked in the bottom right hand corner of the front page, it was addressed to me. I don’t remember ordering a magazine, but since it was addressed to me, I figured I should read it.

I very quickly realized why I don’t subscribe to magazines like that. Page after page told me what I should buy to fix myself.

Cleanse my pores.
Have a personal trainer.
Make my hair thicker.
Look into the benefits of spray tanning.
Buy lingerie online.
Paint my nails.
Eat snacks, but only the kind that keep me skinny.
Buy new sunglasses.
Get a little black dress.

Yeesh. I didn’t realize there were so many things wrong with me. If I were to do all the things the magazine told me to do I would be broke immediately.

Colbie Caillat released her music video for her latest single “Try.” I appreciate the message that she is sending to young girls. The music video starts off with very beautiful girls covered in makeup and fancy hair. By the end of the song, they all are “natural.” Hair extensions out, makeup off . . . and they are stillĀ beautiful. She concludes the song with “Don’t you like you? Cause I like you.

It’s okay to like makeup and getting your hair done. But, life is more than that. Don’t be overcome by pursuing beauty. Pursue justice. Pursue happiness. Pursue love. Those are things you should try to be. Don’t worry about trying to be beautiful; you already are.


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