Stained Glass

A few days ago I walked out of my Foundations Of Worship class with a few of my friends, and we were talking about how we would set up our own church if we were to build one from the ground up. One friend wanted a tree in the fellowship hall, another wanted church in a circle. One thing I would be adamant about doing would be installing stained glass windows everywhere.











I’ve loved stained glass windows for almost as long as I can remember. My grandmother’s church sanctuary is filled with them, and I to this day find myself filled with awe every time I see them.

I stumbled across a song the other day called “Stained Glass,” which paints a beautiful picture of how we are just like stained glass windows.

Show me what You see
When You look at me
Show me what is real
More than what I feel
We have stains, it’s true
But when Your light shines through
We all look like stained glass windows to You

What a beautiful picture to remember. A stained glass window is most beautiful when the light shines through it. May we remember that Christ’s blood not only makes our stains clean, but His light makes them beautiful for His glory.

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