Dear October

Dear October,

It blows my mind how today was my last day with you this year. It feels like just yesterday that we were reintroduced, and by the time I wake up in the morning, you’ll be gone again.

October, I just want to apologize for never appreciating you for who you are until this year. In the past I have held extreme grudges against you because your arrival meant nothing more than cold weather and dreary skies. It took my twentieth year with you to understand that I was so very wrong.

You opened my eyes to a whole new world. I took time to notice how each and every leaf on each and every tree had its own timing on when to turn colors and when to leave the branch it was born on. You reminded me how much I love wearing cozy sweaters, scarves, and thick socks. Morning coffee became more enjoyable as it ran down my throat and warmed my entire being as I walked to class.

October, this has been one of the best months I’ve ever had, and I’m honestly quite sad to see you go. I wish you didn’t have to be replaced by your harsh, wintery sisters, but I understand that this is the way it has to be. Perhaps I have been judging them too quickly too.

But, as I look down at my clock, I see that you and November have probably made your exchange by now. Thank you, October, for thirty-one days of beauty, excitement, adventure, wonder, change, and growth. I’ll see you again next year.


Marta Ann





Inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher’s “Dear Autumm” series

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