Pool of Grace

Return, my people; return to the Lord. Come back to me and all that I have for you. Trade in your plastic dreams and selfish ambitions, for your individualism and so called “freedoms” have actually enslaved you, and what you have sought to posses . . . it now owns you. You were bought with such a price, but have willingly indentured yourself once again, selling out to the latest fad or the next gimmick. Your very identity is for sale and the price is set so low. Your time is not even your own anymore, and you belong so much to the created . . . all the while scorning the Creator. Your greed has consumed you with titles, trinkets and fleeting scraps. You labor to make your name famous while mine is spat out as a curse. You have severed parts of my own body in the name of pride in tiny doctrines I care not for. You collect offerings in your worship, but I see no sacrifice. You stare, gawking at actors on a screen but you can’t see my own image-bearers suffering in your own midst.

And yet.

Yet I will never forsake you, my child, no matter how often you have forsaken me. You have tirelessly dug for the bottom of my pool of grace, but in all your striving you will never find it. And I will heal your tired, self-worn hands, and I will make your heart calloused again. I will give you my eyes to see where hurt lives, and together we will heal the nations. I will claim you before all creation if you will but acknowledge me. So, humble yourselves, and you will see how I will raise you up. Trust not in your wit, your fists, or your grit, for I have strength your imagination could not even contain. If only you would be still and contrite, at rest in me, and not so busy in you. Trust me, and trust my love. I already am what you’re looking for.

Aaron Baart
Dordt College Chapel

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