I was a Worship Director Today

I was a worship director today. It may not sound like much to you, and quite honestly that’s okay . . . but to me it meant the world.

I plan worship for every other Thursday night on campus here at Dordt. I try to plan my sets around a theme. Sometimes I start with a verse, a specific song, just one word, etc. and I expand from there. But when it comes down to it, I’m the one that makes the decisions for what happens during that space. I have really enjoyed this opportunity, and it has helped me grow in my ability to make decisions, to stand by them when they are questioned, and to be willing to listen and change my mind for others’ sake.

This week was different. This week there were more people involved than just me. I worked with my church’s worship director (who was out of town) as well as the pastor who was preaching. I worked around his sermon, their setup, the congregation’s needs . . . I had more to think about than just what kind of music I wanted to play.

Of course I consider all those things when planning for Dordt; I try my very best to ‘zoom out’ and get a feel for what I think God is doing on campus. However, this week felt different. I loved collaborating with other people to create something beautiful for the Lord. The gathering of believers is something truly beautiful, and I am blown away by the fact that I am able to do that week after week after week. This week taught me that planning worship goes beyond me. It’s beyond my music style, my favorite redemptive themes and verses, and my preferences. It is all about being a servant. A servant to the other leaders, the congregation, and ultimately to the Lord.

All that to say . . . being a worship director, even if it only was for one week, was amazing. As I put my car into park after arriving back on campus this afternoon, I felt this feeling inside me saying “Yeah, I can do this every week. This is something I can see myself doing. This is something I want to do for as long as I can.”

It was my first week of being “the worship director,” and it couldn’t have been better. Being at my church with my praise and worship team worshiping with my church family . . . . there really is nothing to compare it to.

I was a worship director today, and I can’t wait to be one again soon.

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