Fourteen Lessons From 2014

  1. Forgiveness is more than saying someone saying “I’m sorry” and the other saying “I forgive you.”
  2. Sometimes I worship the Bible instead of worshiping God.
  3. A pool floatie can make an excellent air mattress.
  4. Garlic bread tastes best at midnight.
  5. Never print double-sided worship music.
  6. It’s okay to change your mind.
  7. Brace yourself as you pray “Not my will, but Yours be done.”
  8. Small towns are lovely.
  9. You can have a beautiful, vulnerable, and powerful worship experience in the back of a 15 passenger van.
  10. There may be millions of churches, but there is only one God.
  11. Never let your public anointing become more than your private devotion.
  12. The stories I tell have power and can make a difference.
  13. Living out of a suitcase is very possible and dare I say enjoyable.
  14. Prayer changes things.

2014 was a beautiful year; perhaps one of the best yet. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in the year 2015. Here’s to new lessons, stories, and memories that will created, collected, and gained in the coming year.


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