Just a few days ago I decided my New Year’s Resolution was to live in the moment.

How cliche. Hear me out on this one, okay?

I am terrible at focusing on the day I am currently inhabiting. Either I’m saying “Wow – two years ago I was with so-and-so,” or “In six months from today I will be in such-and-such a place.” I’m always looking somewhere.

I look to the past, perhaps for comfort, both in what I had before and what I have now. I’m not at all saying I had a difficult past, because I’ve had it pretty easy. But looking back, there are so many things I’m so glad I’m done with and have made it through. There are also a lot of things I miss and I long for, but unfortunately can’t get back.

And oh- I get so excited (and so nervous) when I think about the future. The immediate future . . . praise and worship on Thursday, going to get frozen yogurt on Friday . . . plans that I have for days I can see. The not-so-distant-future . . . this summer I get to co-lead the summer team I was on. I get to spend this summer in Colorado, Tennessee, Sioux Falls, and who knows where else! . . . plans that are a little foggy, but I’m starting to make out what exactly they look like. And the very-distant-future . . . what are my bookshelves going to look like in my church office someday? Will I be able to afford a home that can have a home office too? Will I be married? Will I have kids?

Just today I said “Man, I’m already stressed for the weekend of graduation, and it’s only the first day of the semester!” Granted, that weekend may be the most insane weekend of my life . . . but what am earth am I doing worrying about something that is months away? Is that going to add any time to my life, what-so-ever?

So today . . . . today alone was filled with so many ups and downs. First day of classes? Awesome! Oversleeping and worrying you’re going to miss your first class? Not so awesome. (Don’t worry – I walked in at 7:59am!) But . . . it’s high time I start focusing on today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not this summer, not next year, but today.

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow’s a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That’s why they call it the present.