Reclaiming the Mission

“Just for a moment, in your prayer and meditation, try to enter in this enormous mystery: that you, like Christ, are God’s beloved child. In you, god is well pleased. Your belovedness precedes your birth. It will follow you all the days of your life and beyond death. You are fully loved of God before your father and mother, brother, sister, family or church loved you or didn’t love you, hurt you or helped you. You are fully loved because you belong to God for all eternity. That’s the truth you of your identity. That’s who you are. And you can reclaim it at any moment.

If you believe that you are beloved before you were born , and will be beloved after you die, you can realize your mission in life. We are sent into this world to be people of reconciliation. We are sent to teach and heal, to break down walls that divide people into different categories of value. Young, old, black, white, gay, straight – whatever divisions you can come up with – Serb, Croat, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist – beyond all those distinctions that separate, there is a greater unity. Out of that essential unity you can live and proclaim the truth that every human being belongs to God’s heart, which beats from eternity to eternity. The mystery of God’s love is that when you know in your heart that you are chosen and blessed, you also know that others are chosen and blessed, and you cannot do other than embrace all humanity as God’s beloved.”

Henri Nouwen
Spiritual Formation, page 110-111

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