This blog continues to collect more and more dust. Its not that I haven’t tried writing. My draft box is at a record high holding titles like “Taking a Break from Oceans,” “Is It Really Soli Deo Gloria?” and “Believe Better Things.” Yet . . . I don’t really feel like I have anything to say that is worthwhile. I don’t even know how many of you even read this anymore, and that’s honestly just fine with me. When I blogged in high school, I wanted everyone to know exactly what I thought about everything. Now that I’m oh-so-much older and oh-so-much wiser (yes, that’s tongue in cheek) I feel like I need to make certain of what I’m saying. If it’s not crafted perfectly it’s not worth posting.

Life keeps moving. Two weeks from tomorrow we’ll be done with exams and starting summer break. I’ll haul all of my things back to the apartments and start another adventure with the traveling praise team. Oh – but first I’m going to Europe with concert choir.

I’ve got a lot of things that’ll happen in this next chapter, and I’m simultaneously incredibly excited and terrified for the things that are coming. It’s my goal to keep writing about these things, not even so much for my readers’ sake but also for mine. Writing helps me be a better thinker and therefore a better do-er. So, this is me brushing off the dust on this tiny little page. Here’s to new adventures and remembering to write them down.

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