Shattered Walls

She felt that she was nothing more than a broken mess. She carried with her the lies that angry men had told her before.

Too fat.
Too skinny.
Too loud.
Too timid.
Too stupid.
Too opinionated.
Too ugly.
Too vain.
Too broken.

She was built in a cage of lies in which more and more walls were being solidified everyday. She was a prisoner in her own skin, craving truth but only being fed lies. She kept trying to see hope for future times, but all she could see were the bars surrounding her in the prison they built her in.

But he saw her, not as a prisoner, but as a songbird who had forgotten how to sing. He found a crack in the wall and extended his arm out to her. “I love you,” he said “and my heart breaks thinking about the way they make you feel.” She leaned forward and allowed his hand to meet hers. Instantly the foundations of one of the walls shook and fell to the ground as if it was made out of paper.

He sat next to her in the crumbling cage. “I’m willing to be here with you, to take on this prison, if that means I get a shot at seeing the real you.”

He showed her that she was worth loving. He showed her that although she wasn’t the one that built the walls, she was the one keeping there. No one told her to stay there; she held the key the entire time. She’s always possessed the ability to run free; all she had to do was choose to use it.

I wonder what cages you live in. I wonder what walls of lies you are surrounded by, and I wonder who built them. I want nothing more for you than for those walls to shatter, to collapse and fall down at your feet. I want you to go free. I want you to have the freedom to be who you are, not who they say you are. You have the ability to walk away from the prisons you are trapped in. Hope is real, but it requires a choice to act upon it.

May you be brave enough to shatter the walls of your prisons and to step outside in freedom.

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