Come Sit At The Table

I have a pretty small family; I only have four first cousins, and they’re all on my dad’s side. Every Christmas Eve, the Vander Tops gather at my grandparent’s house. The thirteen of us sit in the living room as we exchange gifts (and each year you can count on getting socks.) After all the wrapping paper is picked up, batteries are put in the new toys, and the cards are put in a safe place where they won’t get lost, it’s time for dinner.

It’s changed throughout the years . . . I used to sit at the counter with my cousin, at one point there was a kids table in the basement, but this year we all ate in the dining room. Grandma pulled the card table up to the main table, and we all ate together.

It was a tight squeeze. Everyone bumped elbows, I accidentally kicked the person across me a dozen times, someone almost spilled the milk, and I’m pretty sure I ended up with butter on my sleeve. But my youngest cousin, who sat in the head spot, said “This is perfect! We all are eating together!”

Perhaps that’s what kingdom living looks like. You bump elbows and you get messy, but everyone is together and welcome as a family. When Christ came, he entered into our humanity and our mess. God moved into the neighborhood, cleared the table, and invited all to taste His grace.

You don’t need to sit at the kids’ table in the Kingdom; we’re all here together. It’s a little messy, and it’s not always perfect, but there’s room for all. There’s grace in abundant portions; you will never leave unsatisfied.

Merry Christmas, all. May you experience His joy, peace, and grace in abundant portions tonight. There is always space at the table.

There’s hope for the hopeless
And all those who’ve strayed
Come sit at the table
Come taste the grace
There’s rest for the weary
Rest that endures
Earth has no sorrow
That heaven can’t cure

So lay down your burdens
Lay down your shame
All who are broken
Lift up your face
Oh wanderer come home
You’re not too far
Lay down your hurt
Lay down your heart
Come as you are

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