Fifteen Lessons From 2015

  1. My story is a little bit about me, but it’s mostly about God.
  2. Many conversations can come from capital letters on a bright red shirt.
  3. Walk instead of driving as much as possible.
  4. Eat your leftovers before they get moldy.
  5. If we want beautiful answers, we need to ask beautiful questions.
  6. Perfect love casts out fear.
  7. Harboring negativity only hurts yourself.
  8. Spotify Premium is worth every penny.
  9. Buy the plane tickets and just go.
  10. It is possible to survive without a microwave.
  11. Click tracks and in-ear monitors work miracles on a praise team.
  12. Ukuleles bring immense joy.
  13. No man is an island; people weren’t meant to go it alone.
  14. There seems to be a whole lot of “gray” and not a lot of “black or white” to life’s biggest questions.
  15. God is good all the time; all the time God is good.

2015 was one of the most challenging and growing years I’ve had yet. I find myself at the end of this year with far more questions than I ever could have imagined on January 1st. This was a year of exploring big words like “identity,” “surrender,” and “grace” deeper than I had ever before. There were days that left me beaten and bruised, but there were also days that exuded more love than I even knew was possible. 2015 happened in broad brushstrokes of stories; perhaps 2016 will begin to fill in the gaps.

I entered 2015 with a bit more optimism than I am exiting with . . . but I am heading towards 2016 with something different: hope. I’m entering this new year hopeful that I will continue to grow and learn new lessons, knowing that even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. Every winter has a spring. Life keeps going, and I keep growing. Here’s to a new year.

[Click here to check out my playlist of songs that pulled me through 2015]


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