No Matter What You Feel

We’re all at different places right now, right here in this space today. Maybe you had an amazing year in 2015, and you’re sad to see it go. Maybe you’re anxious and stressed after seeing all of the things that you need to get done this semester. Maybe you’re hurting from things that a family member said to you over break. Maybe you had a life-changing experience with the Lord over break. Maybe you didn’t even open your Bible once over the past few weeks.

I don’t know what you’re feeling right now . . . and maybe you don’t feel like worshipping right now; it’s just not working for you.

But . . . it’s not about what you’re feeling, it’s about what’s true. And so let me tell you:

If you feel broken, there is restoration.
If you feel wronged, there is justice.
If you feel hurt, there is comfort.
If you feel overwhelmed, there is peace.
If you feel discouraged, there is hope.
If you abandoned, there is rescue.
If you feel empty, there is wholeness.
If you feel ashamed, there is grace.
If you feel alone, there is love.
If you feel lost, you are pursued.

Even if you don’t feel any of these things right now . . . God’s is still good and His promises are still true. You don’t need to put your hands in the air, you don’t need to sing louder than the people around you . . . . but just let these words wash over here. God is here. God is good. And that’s true no matter how you feel.

(A piece I wrote of praise & worship at Dordt College on 01.14.16)

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