Let’s Live Like We’re Loved

Roses, love songs, diamonds.

Pizza, Netflix, #foreveralone.

Valentine’s Day is coming, and I wonder where it will find you.

Our culture is telling us our identity is rooted in others . . . what they see in us, how they value us, and whether or not there is a partner in your profile picture.

Every kiss begins with Kay, okay, but what do you do when there isn’t someone there for you?

We were made to be with other people, I know that to be completely true. At one point, there was just one person, and God Himself said “It is not good for man to be alone.

But if you’re not in a relationship with the boy you’ve been stalking on Instagram, does that mean you are “alone?”

Friend, hold up your left hand and tell me what you see. Is empty? Does it sparkle?

No matter how you answered, that is not where your identity lies.

We’re all broken, and we’re all messy. We all have been hurt and we all have caused hurt.

There isn’t one person out there that you were made for, not one person who will complete you.

but I know someone who satisfies.

I know the Ultimate provider, defender, healer, pursuer, and lover.

He looks past the mess, the lies, the ugliness, and the brokenness, and fulfills every need.

When this love pours into you, it overflows inside the cracks of your soul, seeping into every part of who you are.

So let’s live like we’re loved.

What if we found intimacy in prayer meetings, long car rides, and late night waffles? Morning coffee, band rehearsal, and smiles on the sidewalk? Communion bread, karaoke, and elaborate sunsets?

What if intimacy stretched beyond the romantic and into the everyday?

God promises fulfillment through His grace, and He promises to reveal Himself.

What if that’s more accessible than we ever imagined?

So all of us – the single, the engaged, the widowed, the betrayed, the broken-hearted, the newlyweds, and those who for decades have shared the same bed:

Let’s celebrate love today.


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