Today is Different

Today is different.
It is a rather ordinary day
not appearing too distinctive from the ones that came prior.
A year ago you were overbooked and overwhelmed
Six months ago you were wounded and lonely
But today you are still.
Today brings a breath of fresh air as you begin to remember
Remember the color green
Remember the smell of the dirt
Remember how your feet feel when they get stuck in the mud.
Today is your first reminder of spring.

It’s been a long, harsh, winter.
Each day seemed to have less light than the one before.
Snow buried memories of the past
Winds pushed you in directions you didn’t want to go.
It seemed unrelenting, causing you to wonder
“What if this season never ends?
What if this is the way things are now?”

But today is a new day.
Shed the layers that hold you back.
Wipe the tear stains off your face.
Open the windows once again.
The winter storm is over; step outside again.

Of course there will still be cold days.
There will be moments when the sun seems to forget to shine.
You’re not new to the Midwest and you’re not new to heartbreak:
Unexpected times are still ahead.

As the snow melts, you find parts of yourself that you have forgotten
It’s like the old you, but different this time
She’s changed and renewed from she season she survived

The seasons remind you that you must keep changing
That change is good
That renewal is possible
That spring is coming.
Today is different.
And so are you.

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