She Has No Idea

The other day I was poking around an old flash drive of mine, looking for an old paper, when I found a picture of me and my brother. We were playing at the beach on a family vacation over spring break, the week before Easter, to California. And all I could think was “She has no idea what’s coming her way.”

The little girl in that picture has no idea that as she digs through the sand, she’s slowly falling in love with places than her home in Minnesota.

She has no idea that her family is incomplete, and in two short years she’ll have a little sister.

She has no idea that as she played her great-aunt’s piano and develops a deep longing to take piano lessons, she will be propelled into an entire career of music and worship.

She has no idea that this week, Holy Week, will become one of her favorite times of the year, a week where she is able to further explore and develop her identity in Christ.

She has no idea that this is far from the last time she’ll visit California. She’ll come back again over the years for family, for school, and for love.

She’s never had her heart broken. She’s never experienced death or cancer. She’s never been to counseling. She’s never had to worry about how much her paycheck is or what the price of gas is this week. She’s never counted calories, never worried about who the president is or will be, and is not worried about where she will be a year from now.

This little girl is content with being at the beach and digging for seashells with her family.

Obviously, I’m a very different person fourteen years later. So many experiences formed and shaped me into who I am now, there’s no way I would ever be able to explain that to my six-year-old self. But maybe someday, I’ll see a picture of myself from spring of 2016 and think “She has no idea.”

I’m learning to trust God’s plan for the future because He has proved Himself to be faithful over and over again. I’m starting to understand the prayer to “have a child-like faith.” I want to learn to be content where I am, to stop and dig for seashells. I know so many things are coming my way, things good and bad that I have no idea about, but I trust in the Lord’s unfailing love and look to the future with excitement and joy.

She has no idea, and odds are, neither do I.


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