Mirrors of 2016


I didn’t have any resolutions this time last year. I was simply “hopeful that I would continue to grow and learn new lessons.“I tried my best to map out my year, knowing that things don’t always go according to plan. So, I walked into the year with my hands raised, unsure of what to expect.

And man oh man, was 2016 full of unexpected surprises.

Getting my hair chopped off in my kitchen.
Moving to Michigan for the summer.
Trying sushi.
Editing videos again.
Learning to love big dogs & going to the dog park.
Reading a new Harry Potter book and seeing a new movie(!)
Buying another ukulele.
Meeting a songwriter who changed my life.
Getting my cartilage & nose pierced.
Becoming a barista.
Applying for seminary.
Getting accepted into seminary.
Signing up to go to Israel.
Becoming addicted to buying houseplants.

2016 felt a bit like walking through a house of mirrors. Sometimes the path was smooth, but most of the time I felt as if I was running into walls. I was forced to take a good, hard look at myself … especially the parts that I didn’t like.

The internet likes to joke that 2016 was a bit of a dumpster-fire kind of year, but I don’t believe that’s true. Yes, my heart was broken by the songs of injustice, but the anthem of hope will always be louder; the beauty far outweighs the despair.

I’m looking forward to so much in 2017. There are new movies, new songs, new people, new coffee shops, new recipes, new classes, new apartment, new books, new poems . . . and so many other things I can’t even begin to imagine.

This is my favorite age I’ve ever been, and I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life. This is the year where I “grow up,” the year where I graduate college, the year I (officially) move to Michigan and I am so eager for what is ahead.

Pour the champagne and start the countdown. 2017, I can’t wait to meet you.


Boxing Day

I’m quite ready to make way for spring.

Pack up 2016 and say your goodbyes.

We’ve had a good year, now let’s have another.

Take it all down, Christmas is over
But do not despair, but rather be glad
We had a good year, now let’s have another
Remembering all the good times that we had
Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
But Christmas, it makes way for spring
Through hearts of man are bitter in weather
As cold as the snow that falls from above
But just for one day we all came together
We showed the whole world that we know how to love
Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
But Christmas, it makes way for spring
Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
Christmas, it makes way for spring
Oh remember that Christmas, it makes way for spring