Oh hey. I’m Marta!


Millennial twenty-something working on getting my MDiv.

Twin Cities native transplanted to small town Iowa (and soon to be West Michigan!)

Big fan of good graphic tees representing great non-profits.*

Hooked on coffee ever since my first cup in Guatemala summer of 2012.

Easily excited by kitchen appliances and house plants.

My car is named after Stanley Hauerwas (Hauwie for short).

Frequently found practicing the ukulele.

ESFJ – if that means anything to you.

Favorite words are “identity,””story,” and”covenant.”

Journal-er since 2008 and blogger since 2011.

Of course pineapple belongs on pizza.

Those are just a few things that should give you a general idea of who I am. You’ll learn more soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy the happiness of this little baby goat. Have a lovely day.

happy goat

*I’m especially fond of this one, this one, and this one and pretty much anything from here!

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